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Primtings – Call for Artists

Primtings Museum is a sim-sized art gallery dedicated to primmed paintings – a.k.a. primtings. Its goal is inspired by the famous William Saroyan quote, “The role of art is to make a world which can be inhabited.”

A primting is an interactive exploration of a famous piece of RL art brought to life in the form of 3d prims. This can take on various different forms, such as a 3d recreation or extension of a famous RL artwork or… In its most awesome extent, you can walk into it – as in the keeps you from getting lost at Primtings Museum. It is an online, sortable directory of… most primtings on display. screenshot 20100110

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The mostly-admin-stuffs blog about Primtings Museum - a sim-sized gallery of prim'd paintings - 3d virtual world interpretations of RL artwork that has shaped the history and culture of mankind