Today we held P4 – the Primtings Patrons Party planning event! Chat transcript available here.

Party Events:

  1. Primtings Primtionary – it’s like charades but with prims, and it’s artist’s choice… audience guesses which famous RL painting the SL artist is trying to interpret!
  2. Jackson Pollock Live on SL – Authentic paintings of this guy’s worth are auctioned off for millions of USD, and it’s all about scattered paint, streaked in chaotic lines. But, at P4, anyone can create a collaborative action-painting by SL ice-skating around the pCanvas on the Primtings Campus!
  3. Augmented SL-reality Music – Rhythm controlled by your avatar movement. Each time your avatar moves, the music will play the next note — if no one moves, the music will hang!
  4. (Invite Tuna Oddfellow and Trinity Sisters and La Performance to dance and interpret!)
  5. Primtings Scavenger Hunt – Visit each Primting listed @ – to collect a mystery prize relating to that Primting!

Fundraising Events:

  1. Patron Requested Primtings – Where artists take bids for the primting you want to see most!
  2. Ina Centaur sketches anything! – Say it, and Ina will sketch it. It’s like Drawing Day all over again!
  3. P3 Raffle – Win a primting or win a Primtings Snow Globe!

The events above will be on-going throughout the party, with a finale:

Finale Event

  1. Raffle winners announced
  2. Patron Requested Primtings Bids announced
  3. Primtings Photography Contest winners announced – and they’d give a few words to inspire other aspiring photographers to extend primtings via SL photographic interpretations!