Dear Patron,

Primtings Museum has, over its three years on SL, reached out to thousands of SL residents in a positive and constructive way. Touted by some as one of the “wonders of SL”, Primtings Museum is host to nearly three dozen “primtings” – prim’d paintings – by a range of artists. These are unique SL interpretations of famous art pieces that have defined RL culture – each primting is beyond just a testament to a SL artist’s skill, but it’s also innovative in an original way, a new piece of art. Visitors discover a primting in an organic, interactive way, while seamlessly learning art history. It’s awesome in the sense that had someone else started it – say, an NEA or RL Arts Council funded project – it would have taken a budget of US$50,000 or more, but it was started by an artist, and so much more became possible.

Yet, despite its scope as a sim-sized open-submissions museum, it’s a project dedicated 100% to the art itself – with absolutely no commercial element. Selected artists have their works displayed “for the merit of it” – they are charged with neither commission nor setup fee. Patrons, from students to educators to art connoisseurs to SL tourists, are not charged for admissions, either. It’s through a pro bono effort that the entire endeavor came to be – from the founding infrastructure to the website and directory at to the formidable build and wonder on SL. Primtings, since the beginning of its existence, has been an open museum – in spirit and in practice. Primtings Museum is completely dependent on the support of its patrons.

Primtings extends its philosophy of openness to its major fundraiser – Primtings Campaign – as well. Every single monetary transaction in Primtings Campaign – the receipt of individual donations and the usage of, have been transparent, each usage publicly recorded at

Rarely, do you see quixotic virtues like this actually happen in reality – beyond just beautiful idea, but tangible, accessible anywhere in the world by signing online and TP-ing to Primtings sim. But, funding this dream – it’s possible through numbers – Primtings Museum would not have survived the first half of 2010, without its dozens of patrons, but it did. It can happen again.

I am asking for your help – your support of Primtings museum, its idealistic vision and its outreach of creativity and art history education to SL. We have little more than ten days left, with an absolute deadline of October 21. We need to be able to raise at least L$200,000 more to pay tier for 6 months. We can do it – with your help.

Ina Centaur
Founder, Curator and Director,
Primtings Museum