Dear Primtings Patron,

We are now less than L$50,000 away from our campaign goal. Through
Paint by Prims and pCampaign, we have managed to raise over L$460,000,
bringing us very close to our L$502,502 ~ US$1700 6 month tier for the 2011
nonprofit/edu sim pricing decreed by Linden Lab.

There are stil LOTS of prims unpainted on the Paint by Prims exhibit – slated
to become the newest prim’d painting in our New Media gallery. But, it does
need a few non-white prims that could use your choice of paint color!

For those who have not had the chance to paint, please do take the moment to
drop by the LM below… right click to select a white prim, and pay the $L
amount that corresponds to the color of paint you’d like to put on the prim.

It’s a collaborative art piece that helps raise the funds needed to keep Primtings
Museum as a single piece on Second Life.

Plus, it’s your permanent mark on a primting – each time someone touches the
prim you painted, your name will be whispered in chat!

Further details on Paint by Prims are available on
and also via that first notecard @ Create to Save Primtings

Continuing the pCampaign’s tradition of open transparency, each donation
will be instantly recorded to — moreover,
anyone on the Internet can view the status of this Paint by Prims project @

Do drop by…

Ina Centaur
Founder, Curator and Director,
Primtings Museum