Dear mShakespeare and Primtings Patrons,

The Globe has been silent the year so far, as we figure out what to do on the new tier costs — if anything we can do. Primtings valiantly raised the needed amount to maintain its tier in time, but the 4-sim arts mecca infrastructure of sLiterary is in danger.

It seems there’s a limit to the funds an organization can raise in Second Life for a purely inworld cause. Pooling all efforts together, we were only able to fundraise the costs of two full sims — focusing the fundraising effort on Primtings, with member shareholder support on Shakespeare. Inevitably, the 4-Sim SL Globe Theatre will be losing two sims, and Second Life would be losing a rare historical theatre for live performance with large audience capacity. The timeline for deletion is uncertain, and it might happen any day now. But…

Myself and several others have made appeals to Linden Lab CEO Rod Humble on saving my account and these two sims, and thereby the 4-Sim SL Globe Theatre. It’s not yet clear what his decision is or how divine intervention might come to play. Perhaps, there’s still hope…

Currently, my account is locked out of Second Life. We are $3,245 behind in unpaid tier fees, and as many of you have already donated to save Primtings and Shakespeare, it is unlikely to raise the additional amount for the other two sims. I am unable to send this message to you directly from my avatar because of this. There is a chance that my avatar and virtual possessions might be deleted completely on June 3 or thereabouts. Shakespeare and Primtings tier have been paid 6 months in advance starting from February 23, but as my account would be unable to renew come next turn, that would be the end of everything.

Like Cirque du Soleil, in that other life, we started as homeless nomadic street performers — from absolutely nothing that somehow managed to accumulate land and a following and a brand, all without any external funding. It was a good run, but if only Second Life could be as limitless and far-reaching as real life. We’ve done all that we can in Second Life. It’s an end to an era that you’d be witnessing. The uncertainty lies in how it will turn out.

In the event that this is my last message to you, then it’s all up to you — the theatre and the spirit of creation lives through you — the precious few we’ve touched through circumstances unlikely in Real Life.

Thank you for sharing a dream that should otherwise never have lasted.

Ina Centaur