Dear Primtings Patron,

It’s been two weeks since the launch of our first pCampaign in 2011, under LL’s new sim tier pricing. We now have less than 10 days to raise the remaining L$350,000 needed to keep the Primtings sim going for 6 more months. The cynics among you would think this a futile task. Maybe it it is, but maybe it’s not — I want to side with those on the side of hope — those who still believe.

We’ve had over 2500 unique visitors to Primtings Museum in the past few years, and if each of you donate L$150 — a fraction of a dollar — we’d have enough to be able to make this goal. The problem, then, is how do I unite all of you on this cause to save this virtual museum? We hold common ground — we all love the spirit of Primtings Museum. I’m going to try pulling something out of the same essence of creative wonder that launched Primtings Museum and its legacy.

I am inviting all of you to participate in the creation of our newest prim’d painting — a massively collaborative primting called “Paint by Prims”.

It’s inspired by the “Paint by Pixels” live crowdsourced artpiece launched by iam8bit at GDC last week. Each attendee of GDC was given a colored square, and each attendee chose where to put that colored square on a wall-sized paint-by-color grid.

We’re taking this to SL by converting these paper pixels to prims, and letting anyone anywhere in the world join in. Instead of giving each participant a random color, the difference is that we’re applying a “real world” cost of paint colors to prims — those who donate more, will get more colors to choose from. This gives true creative freedom to the participants — this is a blank canvas, where you can color each prim anything you want, per your donation level. Supply and Demand: These pixel prims are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Upon completion of this piece — when all 2,000 prims have been painted — we should have more than enough to meet our fundraising goal to keep Primtings Museum alive for six more months. We would also have given birth to a new primting — made possible by you.

Continuing the pCampaign’s tradition of open transparency, each donation will be instantly recorded to — moreover, anyone on the Internet can view the status of this Paint by Prims project @

Please help me make this miracle of creation happen. Become a Paint by Prims artist. Come paint prims with me! Visit Primtings Corridor annex (along North Entrance).

Ina Centaur
Founder, Curator and Director,
Primtings Museum